Privacy Policy

Protecting the personal information we collect from members is very important to us. This policy describes our privacy practice, including how we collect information from your employees and members, how we use that information, with whom we share their information, types of information collected, how your employees and members can access and modify the information we have collected, and how we protect their information. If you have any questions after reading this material, please do not hesitate to contact us.

How, What and Who.

When you or your employees and members provide us with personal identifying information for a specific purpose, we will not use that information for other purposes, unless we specifically tell you so and give you the opportunity to opt out of such use. As part of our services, you or your employees and members may provide us with some health-related information. Medical confidentiality is the cornerstone of Premier Medical Care of the Palm Beaches and Premier Medical Care does not share any medical information without your express consent in writing via a Release of Information form.

As part of the normal maintenance and operation of our web site, we may also passively collect some information from you. This type of information, like your domain type and your IP address, helps us tailor your experience on our web site. While you visit our site, we collect click information (data reporting the categories or sections of our site that you have visited). We retain this information so that the next time you visit us, we can provide you with personalized information specific to your interests.

Unless it is necessary in order to provide your employees and members with the service they have requested, we will not disclose any personal identifying information to any third party. A limited number of Premier Medical Care of the Palm Beaches employees, such as customer service representatives, nurses, and IT personnel, may have limited access to personal identifying information maintained on our systems, but all are required, by written agreement and subject to substantial penalties, to keep such information strictly confidential and to use it only as necessary to perform their duties relating to the service that you have requested. Premier Medical Care of the Palm Beaches will NEVER share credit card numbers or other financial information with third parties.

Safety and Security.

We have security measures and written policies and procedures in place in our physical facilities and in our computer systems, databases, and networks to strictly protect information contained within our systems from loss or misuse.